Saturday, October 2, 2010

oh dilemma!!

Oh dilemma! 

Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma!
One night I dreamt, thy were so away from me

Yet very happy, and saying to me
Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma!

Have thou ever seen, the Mab queen
                                  Which is spiritually and evergreen
                             Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma!

                                      I queered upon the bright sky then assured
                                     It was thy the virgin shy,

                                 Twinkling in the sky,
                                 Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma!

                              In the sky Mermaid posed for a while,
                           Vanished far-off beyond the vision
                       And I sat in a ceaseless obsession
                           Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma!

By:   JogiAsadMirwahi

My Intro:
My name is Asad Ali Jogi; I got early education in Thari Mirwah, Khairpur Sindh. Then studied at Institute of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Sindh, Jamshoro and in 2010 earned B.S Computer Science specialized in software development and Mobile Android apps development. Then after enrolled in Hidaya Institute of Science & Technology, SUECHS, Jamshoro for Software developer trainee. Now serving in FFBL as a Confidential Assistant to MR IMS.
Back-story explanation of the poem:
My poem story resembles some like that of Abu Bin Adhem’s.
There is a poem in English textbook ABU Bin ADHEM, in which an angel comes into the room of Abu Bin Ad hem, which sees a golden book in the hand of an angel, and request him what the angel is writing in that book, angel doesn’t replies the query of Abu Bin Adhem and vanishes far-off. After some days angel again appears into Abu Bin Adhem’s room with more bright light; now again Abu Bin Adhem requests angel, who shows him the golden book in which Abu Bin Adhem’s name was on the top of the list.
likewise in my dream, what happens that a Mermaid, Mab queen appears and she has written a letter to me and I read it, it was a just about 2002 night time 3AM. I woke up and tried to remember the script of the letter which the Mermaid had written for me and then she vanished far-off in the brightest sky. Just a while about 30 seconds I could remember the script / text of the letter and then decided to sleep again and to analyze it in the morning. Next morning as I woke up and tried to focus on the text of the letter in my dream but couldn’t succeed to recall the full text but remembered some of its context. One interesting thing is that I learned a new English word DILEMMA through my dream. I had never seen, listened, heard this word ever by any of the source might it be a person, book, T.V or anything else. I perceived that Dilemma might be an English language word, so to proof this I opened a dictionary and searched the word and hence found it. I was much amazed to see that a word to learn through the dream. The meaning of the ‘Dilemma’ in dictionary was ‘quandary دونوں طرح مشکل’. Dilemma is a situation in which a person is in deep obsessions to decide where to go, choose and which path to follow. Then after I wrote this poem. It has been rechecked by the professors of English department of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur and Institute of English Language University of Sindh, Jamshoro. Who placed it in the free verse category of English poetry.
Note: All rights of this poem are reserved; the content of this poem is abstract cogitative obsessions of the author.

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