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oh dilemma!!

Oh dilemma!  Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma! One night I dreamt, thy were so away from me Yet very happy, and saying to me Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma! Have thou ever seen, the Mab queen                                   Which is spiritually and evergreen                               Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma!                                       I queered upon the bright sky then assured                                      It was thy the virgin shy,                                  Twinkling in the sky,                                  Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma!                               In the sky Mermaid posed for a while,                            Vanished far-off beyond the vision                        And I sat in a ceaseless obsession                            Oh dilemma! Oh dilemma! By:   JogiAsadRajpar My Intro: My name is Asad Ali Rajpar (Jogi); I got an early education in Thari Mirwah, Khairpur Sindh. Graduated in Computer