Rich Dad Poor Dad book review and synopsis by JogiAsadRajpar

Rich Dad Poor Dad book review and synopsis by JogiAsadRajpar
Rich Dad Poor Dad


About The Author
Robert Toru Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos. Courtesy: Wikipedia

Key points of Rich Dad Poor Dad Book:
  • The original language of the book is English.
  • It has 207 pages
  • The United States is the original country of publication of this book
  • The book was originally published in the year 2000
Life does not give us warranties and guarantees; but it gives us chances, if we opt for those chances, then we can be successful but if we miss those chances, then we remain unsuccessful.
Now if we find the answer to the question, why does an educated and hardworking person not able to change his life, whereas a common and low educated person in spite of poor wit becomes a success in life?

We can find the answer to this query in Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad. This was the best selling book of its time, and it changed the lives of so many people.  
If you are intending to start a business or if you want to go ahead in your life but there is a full stop to it. Then you should read this book. 
In this book, Robert Kiyosaki narrates his own life real story, in which he says that he had given the status of a father to two-person, among them one was a P.hd holder and other was 8-grade hardworking individual, I saw him always in lurches and problems whereas the first dad who had a P.hd remained always happy and prosperous. Then the author did analyze successful and unsuccessful people in his society, then he brought before us the seven principles.
If you want to be successful, and respect and status in society then you have to remember these seven principles.

1. A rich man never works for money.
John all times works for money but still, he assumes his wealth incomplete. whereas Suriya strives all of his time in finding the resources, he intends to know where to invest the money so that a good interest can be earned. instead of accumulating the money, he tries to invest his money in those ventures where he can get more money. It means a rich person can take so many people with himself. Whereas poor man thinking revolves around himself.
A rich man utilizes people in such a way that they become moneymakers for him, whereas, the poor man intends to do all things himself, therefore he remains in one place. Doing so many works he does not really accomplish a work. 
If we observe the people around us we see them pressed under their greed and fears. Fear that we can't do this, and the greed, to collect all the benefits for ownself. These two traits Fear and Greed are the biggest hindrance towards becoming successful.

2. it is not important how much to earn, but important is how much to invest.
Utilizing the money in precise ventures can bring us more money, whereas a wrong decision can lead to sinking all the investment. 
A poor person tries to save money during utilizing it, whereas a rich person does not, he invests the money and tries to earn more money. Therefore, a rich person perceives and understands where to invest and how much to invest and how much to earn from it.

3. Increase your work
If you are working on a single task and remain there all the time, then you are wasting your time. You should think about expanding your business, from one shop to another, from one town to another town, for which you have to utilize the technology and nowadays the latest technology is easily accessible and its usage is also easy, i.e. CCTV Cameras, internet, etc. 
The big difference between a rich man and a poor man is that a poor man stops after reaching a place, he doesn't intend to move ahead from it, he finds it difficult to move ahead from it; whereas, a rich man always intends to move ahead. 

4. Create a Corporation
Join those companies which work similarly to your business, let them join you, it will be more beneficial. But for this, you should have an understanding of business. this will be beneficial in such a way that you will be learning from the other people and they will be learning from you. Suppose you have a business understanding of what is accounting, what are rules of investment, what are demands in the market, what are the trading laws. you will get new ventures through it, your common business will become a corporation.

5. Take Risks
A rich man always tries to find the new ventures, those ventures are not visible but a creation of the mind. All the development of worlds is due to the mind.  But having an agile mind is also insufficient because a person having a wit mind also can not achieve which a brave man can achieve. Therefore the secret of success lies in taking new risks. 

6. Work for learning
Kyosaki says that each individual should have a little bit of knowledge about every aspect of life. 
Those people who perceive money a sole benefit, they never can get happiness in anything or any work. But they remain in obsessions of depression, due to which in spite of accumulating so much wealth they don't feel happy and satisfied.  Whereas, a rich man feels happy in his work because he might have been getting more benefits along with money. His work is the best fun for him, he has been learning so much from his work, so, therefore, his work becomes part of his life.

7. Getting control over the hindrances
A visible difference between thinking of a rich man and a poor man is how both of them handling their fears. Suppose the fear, which stops us initiating new work or new thing, the fear of pessimism, fear, don't know if I'll get any benefit or not, or what will people say, skepticism, shall we or I will be able to accomplish it, laziness, I shall do it tomorrow, Bad habits, lying, deceiving, and Arrogance, I know all, means stepping down from learning, etc. An arrogant man will never move ahead because he doesn't believe that he has to learn something.

These were the seven principles; for becoming rich or successful.     
Kyosaki also puts 10 points before us, which are signs of a rich man. You must try to find these points within yourself to know how much of these points or qualities are potentially available within you and how many you need.

10 points

1. You should always have a big Aim.
2. make your daily routine in such a way that never let you slip from your aim
3. Choose your friends carefully, because the company of a bad friend can detain you from your aim. 
4. Always become precarious and tricky, apply formulas in your work so it completes precisely and quickly.
5. Apply the visible rules upon you, because if you can't control yourself then you can't control others as well. 
6. Pay your helpers' good payment.
8. Do investment, buy facilities from benefits you get from it, never get the loan, and never withdraw money from the business for your facilities.
9. Choose your heroes, make role model, so that the determination of your heroes and role model will never slip you from your aim
10. Do charity, make some part in your earning for others.

Life is a collection of some habits, you are poor because of your traits and habits, and if you are rich then it's because of your habits, always strives to achieve those habits which make you perfect and better.
Life is too short and it is not the name of complaining but Life is the name of striving, never giving up, moving ahead, and live with full spirit and enthusiasm.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

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