All you need to know about the trains operating from Karachi into other parts of Pakistan

Pakistan Railways State-owned corporation, it was founded in 1861 during the British era and it’s headquarter is located in Lahore.
After privatization of the Pakistan railway in 2010, the Government of Pakistan offered subsidies and some trains are operating on a public-private partnership basis. Pakistan Railways is in the improvement process as a part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
While traveling to and from Karachi by train, one can avail different options of train lines and classes offered by Pakistan Railways. The new trains offer air conditioning, comfortable seats, Wi-Fi and dine-in services on the go. People traveling to and from Karachi prefers Greenline express Train inaugurated in 2015.
You may avail first-class travel in Pakistan Railways, which connects with almost all major cities of Pakistan. Pakistan Railways offer online ticketing facility through its website and booking & tickets are also available at its booking offices located across the nation, including Level 1 at Jinnah International Airport and its Railway stations.
Karachi city is served by two major railway stations, The Karachi Cantonment Railway Station and Karachi City Station. Other railway stations are Landhi Railway Station, Drigh Road Railway Station which is nearby the Jinnah International Airport but not all trains stop here.
GreenLine Express having facilities of family cabins, LCD, free WiFi, food and medical services; is an executive class non-stop train between Islamabad and Karachi via Karachi Cantonment Station that runs on a daily basis
Dhabeji Express is a new local train which will take you from Karachi city to Dhabeji with free ticket right from November 1, 2018. After 11 years of gap, Dhabeji Express was inaugurated on October 31, 2018, by the President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi. This local train will depart from City Station at 7 am and 5:45 pm, It will pass through seven stations from City Station to Dhabeji. People will be charged with Rs.25 to Rs.80 according to the distance covered and station. The Thar Express runs weekly basis between Bhagat Ki Kothi near Jodhpur India and Karachi. Whereas, Karachi Circular Railway is defunct yet to be started again.

Cargo Trains run between Turkey Karachi via Iran; however, the passengers' facilities are not being offered in Turkey to Karachi trains.
Train Stations in Karachi
Cantonment Railway Station: It's situated near Daudpota Road Saddar. Karachi Cantt station erstwhile Frere Street Station. It's the main railway station where all trains come and go to and from Karachi. There is the large vehicles parking lot, current and advance booking & reservation offices for booking seats in trains and ATM machines are also installed at the station to give you facility of money withdrawal from these ATM machines. Food & beverage stalls are also available at the platform, and some restaurants such as Pizza Hut have their branches at the platform no. 1. Karachi Cantonment Station is on 17.5 KM distance from Jinnah International Airport and the journey will take you around 30 minutes’ drive from the airport to Karachi Cantonment station.
Karachi City Station: erstwhile McLeod station is the first and the oldest railway station in Karachi. Commonly, known as the City Station is situated near Habib Bank Plaza on I. I. Chundrigar Road. This station multiple facilities for the passengers including a big parking lot for the vehicles, Ticket reservations & booking counters, Cargo & Parcel services.  Some particular trains serve the station, and these trains are Bahauddin Zakaria Express, Fareed Express, Hazara Express, Khushhal Khan Khatak Express, Bolan Mail and Sukkur Express.
Trains operating on Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line
Karachi–Peshawar Railway Line is also known as Main Line 1,  covering the 1,872 km (1,069 miles) railway track; it is one of the busiest railway lines of Pakistan. The trip takes approximately 32 hours and 10 minutes of ML-1 track. It's one of the four main railway lines in Pakistan. This line is operated and maintained by Pakistan Railways. This Main Line 1 starts from Karachi City Station and ends at Peshawar Cantonment station. Under CPEC mega project China has agreed to tackle the rehabilitation and up-gradation of ML-1.

Karachi to Pindi
  1. Tezgam (7 Up/8 Down): The word ‘Tezrau’ is a local word of both Sindhi and Urdu languages. Tezgam a.k.a Tezrau name was changed to ‘Zulfiqar Express’ named after the ex-prime minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto; besides this, its route was also changed between Kotri and Rohri branch via Larkano Junction. Tezrau train incumbent route length is 1489 kilometers, which it covers in 29 minutes in up direction and 28 hrs 55 minutes in the down direction. It has 51 stops.  Terza facilitates First class and economy class accommodation.
  2.  Shah Rukne Alam Express (29 Up/30 Down): It has derived its name after a saint of Multan Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fateh. The word Rukn-e-Alam means ‘Pillar if the world’. This train covers 921 kilometers long route with 18 stops between Karachi and Multan. It takes 14 hours 45 minutes in the Up and 14 hours 55 minutes in the down direction. This train has AC Parlor, AC Lower, and Economy class.
  3.  Shalimar Express (27 Up/28 Down): inaugurated in 1979, is the fastest train on the Pakistan Railway network.  This train derived its name after the popular Shalimar garden of Baghbanpura, Lahore. Shalimar Express covers the distance from Karachi to Lahore in 16 hours. Day train starts at 6 am the departure and 10 pm arrival in either direction
  4.  Awam Express (13 Up/14 Dn): Awam means the people in Urdu, so this train is named as Awam Express. it covers the longest-running route of 1721 kilometers distance on Main Line 1. Many Pakistani politicians have used to travel by this train.  AC Lower and Economy class accommodation are available on this train. This train covers 13 Ups and 14 Down.
  5.  Khyber Mail (1 Up/2 Down):  Khyber Mail (Urdu: خیبر میل)  named after the famous Khyber Pass,  is a passenger train operated daily by Pakistan Railways between Karachi and Peshawar. The train is equipped with AC Business, AC Sleeper and Economy accommodations. Kyber Mail is Pakistani’s most reputable oldest train.
  6.  Allama Iqbal Express (9 Up/10 Dn): Named after the national poet of Pakistan Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The Allama word denotes the meaning of scholar. The train was so named because it has a Karachi-Sialkot route and as Sialkot is the birthplace of Allama Iqbal. This train was called "Shaheen Express" in the mid-1950s to mid-1990s, as the word Shaheen means a "Falcon" in Urdu language and the Allama Iqbal had referred in his poetry to falcon as a creature with high moral because Falcon never eats a dead animal and lives high on the mountains. The Shaheen Express has a Karachi-Sialkot-Faisalabad and Lahore route. Allama Iqbal a.k.a Shaheen Express facilitates passengers with First class sleeper and Economy class accommodations.
Karachi to Quetta
  1. Bolan Mailthis train is the express train of Pakistan railway which is consciously running for a long time. It runs between Quetta to Karachi on a daily basis and passes through the Karachi City Station, Karachi Cantt, Landhi junction, Jungshahi, Kotri junction, Sindhi university Jamshoro, Sehwan, Dadu, Larkana, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Dera Murad Jamali, Sibi Junction and reaches Quetta Station.
  2.  Quetta/Akbar Express: It has derived its name after the City of Quetta a provincial capital of Balochistan. It is the sole train on Pakistan Railway network which runs through all four provinces of Pakistan and covers 1631 Kilometers with 40 stops in 34 hours up direction and 32 hours 20 minutes in the down direction. You may avail AC Sleeper, First, and Economy class accommodation.
Karachi to Mirpur Khas 
Shah Latif Express (151 Up/152 Down):  This train derived its name after great poet of all times Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai the greatest poet of Sindhi language during the seventeenth century. Shah Latif Express runs between Karachi and Mirpur Khas with 11 stops and covers the distance of 246 kilometers long route in 4 hours 55 minutes in the up-down direction and 4 hours 40 minutes in the down direction. It has Economy and Second class accommodation for the passengers.
Karachi to Sukkur
Sukkur Express (145 Up/146 Down): It derived its name after a beautiful city of Sukkur, this train runs to and from Karachi to Sukkur, it’s the night coach as it was first started as an overnight coach which still has an overnight schedule, it is now extended to Jacobabad Junction.
Karachi and Munabao (Zero Point)
  • Thar Express: Thar Express is an international passenger train operated weekly by Pakistan Railways between Karachi and Khokhrapar, Munabao Zero Point. It has derived its name after The Thar Desert also known as the Greatest Indian Desert which is a largely arid region in the northwestern part of Indian Subcontinent. Thar desert forms a boundary line between India and Pakistan.
  • The trip to ZeroPoint in Thar Express takes approximately 7 hours 5 minutes and covers the 381 kilometers (237 miles) distance and passes along the stretch of the Karachi-Peshawar Railway Line (also known as Main Line 1) and Hyderabad Khokhropar Branch Line.
  • Thar Express departs from Karachi Cantonment railway station on every Friday 23:45 hrs and arrives at Munabao ZeroPoint railway station near KhokhroPar at 19:00 hrs on Sunday.
  • ZeroPoint at Khokhropar is the final station on the Pakistani side of the border. After reaching there passengers are gone through the customs clearance and then cross the border into India to arrive at the border town of Munabao.
  • Here the passengers buy tickets of Thar Link Express of Indian Railway departs to Bhagat Ki Kothi in Jodhpur, India. On the return the train (Thar Express of Pakistan Railway) departs from the Zero Point railway station on Sunday at 17:00 hrs and arrives back at 01:00 on the same day to keypoint at Karachi Cantonment railway station.
List of All trains names:
This is the list of all the trains operated and maintained by Pakistan Railway.
  • Akbar Bugti Express
  • Allama Iqbal Express
  • Awam Express
  • Attock Passenger
  • Babu Passenger
  • Badar Express
  • Badin Express
  • Bahauddin Zakaria Express
  • Bahawalpur Express
  • Bolan Mail
  • Buraq Express
  • Chaman Mixed
  • Chenab Express
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz Express
  • Fareed Express
  • Ghouri Express
  • Green Line Express
  • Hazara Express
  • Islamabad Express
  • Jaffar Express
  • Jand Passenger
  • Karachi Express
  • Karakoram Express
  • Khushhal Khan Khattak Express
  • Khyber Mail
  • Khyber Train Safari
  • Margalla Express
  • Multan Express
  • Musa Pak Express
  • Lasani Express
  • Mehr Express
  • Millat Express
  • Mixed Passenger
  • Night Coach Express
  • Pak Business Express
  • Pakistan Express
  • Rawal Express
  • Rawalpindi Passenger
  • Saman Sarkar Express
  • Sandal Express
  • Sargodha Express
  • Shah Rukn-e-Alam Express
  • Shalimar Express
  • Subak Kharam Express
  • Subak Raftar Express
  • Sukkur Express
  • Super Express
  • Tezgam
  • Tezrao
  • Thar Express
  • Waris Shah Fast
  • Zahedan Mixed Passenger



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